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14 Questions That Will Help You Pick The Perfect Patio Doors

The doors that lead to your garden are just as important as your front door in terms of security, efficiency and style. If you enjoy regularly spending time in your garden or entertaining family and friends with BBQs, then your garden and patio doors could make a significant difference. If you’re looking for your ideal patio door; make sure you ask all of these questions first.

Do You Want A Sliding Patio Door Or French Doors?

Some use the term patio doors to refer to any doors that lead to the back of your home so firstly you need to decide what you mean by patio door. We offer uPVC French doors which are traditionally two doors side by side that open inwards or outwards and have an elegant Continental feel about them. We also offer uPVC sliding patio doors where multiple large glazed panels can slide along a track without invading your space.

How Do Sliding Patio Doors Work?

Sliding patio doors are so easy to use. Simply unlock the door and smoothly slide the panel across the track so it sits behind the other door panels. This opens up your space and removes the barrier separating your home and garden.

Is Space An Issue In Your Home?

Are you looking to increase the space in your home? If this is the case, then sliding patio doors could be the ideal solution. Unlike French and other door styles, sliding patio doors don’t open outwards so won’t invade your home or garden space. By sliding to the side, they can open up your space and make the transition between your living space smooth.

What Material Do You Want Your Patio Door Made From?

Our sliding patio doors are made using efficient and strong uPVC. Thermally retentive and durable; it makes the perfect for a door. It’s also versatile and can easily be coloured to give your home any look you want.

Are My Patio Doors Energy Efficient?

Using A rated toughened glass; your patio doors will keep your precious warmth in as well as letting your home fill with beautiful light. Our uPVC frames are also incredibly insulating so your doors won’t leave your home draughty. This will save you money on your energy bills as well.

How Secure Will My Patio Doors Be?

We use effective multipoint locks on all our doors to give you the peace of mind that your home and family are safe. Secured by Design accredited doors are available; this police initiative ensures that windows and doors are rigorously tested to resist forced entry and deter theft.

What Size Is Best?

Our sliding patio doors can span up to six metres if you’d like to create a fully glazed wall. This would look stunning if you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous views. Choose from two, three or four glazed panels to make your door perfect for your home’s style.

What Colour Can I Have My Patio Door?

Your uPVC patio doors can come in a whole range of colours from blues and reds to traditional looking woodgrain effects. Transform your home’s kerb appeal with a stylish garden door.

Are Patio Doors Easily Accessible For All?

With low threshold options, your garden doors can blend seamlessly into your home. This makes them perfect for those with mobility issues as well as for moving furniture and pushchairs in and out of your home.

Have You Considered Blinds?

Integrated blinds can be added to your patio doors; these sit in-between the double glazing. This eliminates the risk of them tangling and means they don’t need cleaning. In summer, they can shade your home from the sun and in winter will act as another defence against heat leaving.

Are Patio Doors Weather Resistant?

Our uPVC is highly durable against even the harshest of weather conditions. With a ten-year insurance backed guarantee, you be rest assured that we’re confident your new patio door will impress you for years.

What Design Do You Have In Mind?

The main design feature of our sliding patio doors is how much natural light they let fill your home. If you decide that French doors are the choice for you; you can make these even more attractive with Georgian bars.

Are There Alternatives To Patio Doors?

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious that’ll give your home the wow factor, consider bifold doors. Available in uPVC and aluminium, these stack to one side to create an open-plan feel between your home and garden.

Where Can I Buy High-quality Patio Doors?

Here at Homeglaze, we’re the 2017 winners of Which? Trusted Trader of the Year award. We offer high-quality home improvements across Essex and want to bring our family-run service to your home. If you have any other question about patio doors or any of other home improvements, get in touch today.