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What Are Flush Sash Windows?

Get The Look Of Traditional Timber Windows

You may have seen the term flush windows when researching your new windows but what are they and why do you want them? Flush windows do exactly what they say; the sash sits flush against the frame which gives an attractive outward appearance. This replicates the traditional timber windows of the 19th century with smooth lines and no bulky frames.

The Best Of Both Worlds

You can enjoy the beauty of timber without the hassle. Timber windows have a particular look that many find desirable but they do require costly and time-consuming maintenance. Timber can be easily susceptible to rotting, decay and colour fading. uPVC is becoming a more and more believable alternative that is hard to tell apart from real timber. With the durability and thermal benefits of uPVC, it creates windows that will be an enduring investment for your home. With advances in window technology, our uPVC windows can indistinguishably resemble timber.

Versatile Window Styles Bound To Impress

We offer flush sash windows which are a further way to recreate a heritage style for your home and a flush option is also available in our casement style. It’s easier than ever to incorporate this beautiful window style into your home. Our uPVC windows achieve an A+12 energy rating, meaning you can enjoy a comfortable home all year round. Completely weatherproof, these windows will protect your home against the elements without any visual drawbacks.

Colour Your Home, Heritage Style

With a wide range of colour options available for your flush windows, it’s easy to make them your own. If you want to truly make your windows reflect the colours of traditional timber windows, choose pale and pastel colours like cream or Duck Egg Blue. Woodgrain finishes are also available which will give your windows a beautiful timber aesthetic. The colour doesn’t fade on our uPVC windows so will look as good as new for years to come.

The Perfect Way To Boost Your Kerb Appeal

Flush windows are the perfect choice for period and traditional country homes. They can also bring back the past for modern homes too. With traditional hardware such as iron handles and Georgian bars available, you can make them as authentic as you like.

Your First Choice For Flush Windows In Essex

Along with our impressive range of flush windows, we offer a friendly and efficient service with our 30 years of experience. We are your local home improvement company who are also the winners of the Which? Trusted Trader of 2017 award. Get in touch today to find out more about what flush windows can bring to your home.